Remember Parachutes?

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Coldplay – Spies

On a lazy, grey Sunday morning I wake up and brew some coffee. I look for a song to start my day with.
Something compels me to pick a CD. A compact disc! Haven’t listened to one in ages…
I pull out this 10-year old masterpiece from my library. And a decade later, I almost managed to forget how flawless this album is.
Maybe because Coldplay have since become a mainstream band of monstrous success that produces music that really doesn’t appeal to me anymore. A Rush of Blood was almost as good, X&Y bearable, and Viva La Vida well… I didn’t even purchase.
But I’m sitting here and listening to each track, knowing the lyrics and the sounds. And realizing that it has become a modern classic.
And I’m thrown back to my hometown in Israel where I bought this a decade ago. To that moment when I got into my parents’ car, slid the CD into the player and was hooked.
My brother was driving and wasn’t familiar with the band. No real reaction. But I knew then what I know now.
This is an album for life.


One thought on “Remember Parachutes?

  1. I’m with you. Parachutes is a fantastic album, but I’m surprised you weren’t such a fan of Viva La Vida. Not that I think it’s their best album, and perhaps the radio stations over playing the title track made it less exciting to listen to, but I still enjoy some of the music off of the album.

    ~ C.H.
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