Want Need

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Sharon Van Etten – Love More

A day in the life. Playing this song in repeat over and over and over again. Name it what you will. Fixation. Obsession. Addiction. Infatuation. Every time it ends, all I want to do is press Back. Rewind five minutes and fourteen seconds. Repeat. Similar to a junkie who needs another hit. And so from the beginning. It sounds like a new tune I’ve never heard before. And I want need some more of those harmonies. So I hit Play once more, because it can’t be over yet. The drum beat unveils itself this time. Monotonous and brilliant, like the affair I’m having. Hearing these sounds anew. I could easily make my life simple and hit the lazy Repeat button, but I’m not lethargic like that. I want need to want need. The need to press play. Again. To apprehend this masterpiece. In repeat. Over and over and over and over and over and over. Because every time I listen. I just. Simply. I. Love More.

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