Made Him Old

The Smiths • Reel Around The Fountain

Pissing rain on their town for a change. They decide to meet at a rustic tea room by Charing Cross station. Being with her, and at this geographic locale, he figures he should play the part. So he orders for both of them. One Darjeeling and one Green. As they sip the scathing liquid and stare at passersby on their way back from their lunch break to mundane office jobs, he’s certain he spots Sherlock Holmes rushing to catch the train. A sea of Burberry coats and umbrellas covering the streets make the pairing of London and the brand a total cliché. She asks him about his parents and siblings. Not sure of his age. He feels he needs to ask her back. He notices her impeccable, wrinkle free pencil skirt. Her burgundy stiletto starts shaking vigorously. Before urging them to leave, she mumbles something about a spouse. And as she grabs his hand and they step outside, he knows he won’t return to St. James High School ever again. His innocuous mates wrap their brains around trigonometry. As he grows up.



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